Horsepower to Meet the Need

With an array of motor sizes, along with centrifugal clutch, and purpose-built, handcrafted motor mounts, buying a Utah Marsh Motor is something every duck hunter needs! Have a look at our inventory and order today!

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Made In America

Every mount and drive shaft are hand crafted right here in America (and in particular Utah) by master craftsmen Mark Cheney. With over fifty years of hard-hitting expierence, every product Mark turns out is in a complete league of their own. You can trust that every bearing, mount, and bushing will answer readily to the test of time.

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Highest Quality Materials

The difference is knowing what you're getting isn't going to break on a particularly cold day. It's knowing that whether tomorrow, five years, or ten years from now, you can drop that prop in the water and know it's going to run like the day it arrived.

PLUS all Subaru motors come with an exclusive 5 year manufacturer warranty!

That's what makes Utah Marsh Motors the industry leader in quality, craftsmenship, and reliability.

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